Genre : Synthpop, Electro & Synth
Label : x2
Quality : 320 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
Size : 113.6 MB
Rip Date : 2013-07-06
Store Date : 2013-07-15

2013 release from the veteran British Synthpop duo. Electric features eight new Pet Shop Boys songs, plus a cover of Bruce Springsteen's anti-war track ?Last to Die." Stuart Price, best known for his work with Madonna and The Killers, produced the album, which band members Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe call ?banging." ?Electric is very much set on the dance floor," they said in a statement. ?The album often evolves as a response to our previous album and, whereas Elysium had a reflective mood, Electric is pretty banging!" Producer Stuart Price said the album's sound was developed via ?various techniques between old school synth and drum machine programming and new school computer mangling." ?Thursday" features British rapper Example.

Tracklist :

1. Axis
2. Bolshy
3. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct
4. Fluorescent
5. Inside A Dream
6. The Last To Die
7. Shouting In The Evening
8. Thursday
9. Vocal

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