Thievery Corporation - Discography (19 CD) [2009 / MP3 / 320]

Band: Thievery Corporation
Album: Discography
Year: 2009
Size: 1.51GB

19 CD List:

Thievery Corporation - 89.9 KCIW - Morning Becomes Eclectic

1.89.9 KCIW - Morning - 37:19

Thievery Corporation - Abductions And Reconstructions

1.David Byrne - Dance On Vaseline
2.Baaba Maal - I Will Follow You (Souka Nayo)
3.Slide Five - KC Doppler
4.Rockers Hi-Fi - Transmission Central
5.Stereolab - Tickertape Of The Unconscious
6.Pizzicato 5 - Porno 3003
7.Thunderball - Hijack
8.Edson Cordeiro - Ave Maria
9.Gus Gus - Polyesterday
10.Hooverphonic - This Strange Effect
11.Avatars Of Dub - Sexelevatormuzik
12.Black Uhuru - Boof N' Baff N' Biff
13.Ursula 1000 - Savoir Faire
14.Urbs 'n Chaoz - Closer To God

Thievery Corporation - Babylon Rewound (2004)

1.The State Of The Union (Rewound by Thievery Corporation)
2.Until The Morning (Rewound by Thievery Corporation)
3.The Outernationalist (Rewound by Thievery Corporation)
4.Exilio (Rewound by Thievery Corporation)
5.Until The Morning (Rewound by Kid Loco)
6.Resolution (Rewound by Thievery Corporation)
7.Truth And Rights (Previously Unreleased)
8.Un Simple Historie (Rewound by Voidd)

Thievery Corporation - Covert Operations

1.Sex Elevator Music (Thievery Corporation Mix)
2.Sun, Moon, and Stars
3.Bass and Tremble
4.Chronic Dose
5.Codeword: Mantra
6.Killer's Waltz
7.This Girl (Instrumental)
8.Let Everything Be
9.Assault on Babylon
11.Full on Cheetah
12.The Moon, The Sky

Thievery Corporation - Den Of Thieves - The Sound Of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

1.Postales - Federico Aubele
2.Language Symbolique - Thievery Corporation
3.Hommage - Les Hommes
4.Samba 1000 (Nicola Conte Mix) - Ursula 1000
5.See The Light - Sofa Surfers
6.Bare Bones - Blus States
7.Exploration - The Karminsky Experience
8.Welcome Back Cooper - Thunderball Vs. Liftoff
9.Brooklyn Blues - Desmond Williams
10.The Panther - Thunderball
11.El Amor De Este Pueblo - Federico Aubele
12.Departures - The Karminsky Experience
13.Into The Light - Arkestra One

Thievery Corporation - Departures

1.Bossa Per Due
2.Mr. Hrundi's Holiday (Karminsky mix)
3.Coming from the Top
5.Pop the Trunk
6.Comeback Dub
7.This Girl
8.Theme from a Dream
9.Assault on Babylon
10.Chase Sequence #3
11.Sexelevatormuzik (Thievery mix)

Thievery Corporation - DJ Kicks

3.Beija Flor
4.Mother Africa Feeding Sista India / 2001
6.Success (Thievery Corporation Remix)
7.Emerald Alley
9.Coming From The Top
10.Ponteio (Bonus Beats)
11.Guiro Electro (Rainer Trьby Trio Remix)
12.Fedime's Flight
15.Transmission Central
16.Mathar (R. Fearless Mix)
17.Reign Dub
18.It Takes A Thief

Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde (Limited Edition)

1.Lebanese Blonde (Original)
2.Coming From The Top
4.Lebanese Blonde (French)
5.Halfway Around The World
6.Elise Affair
7.Encounter In Bahia
8.Lebanese Blonde (Instrumental)

Thievery Corporation - Modular Systems

1.Arabesque -- Nicola Conte
2.On The Sly -- Thunderball
3.Your Girl -- Blue States
4.Bario Alto -- Thievery Corporation
5.Mr. Hrundi's Holiday -- Ursula 1000
6.For The Trees -- Desmond Williams
7.Bossa Per Due -- Nicola Conte
8.Pop The Trunk -- Thunderball
9.Pit Stop -- Farid
10.Comeback Dub -- Desmond Williams
11.Golden Touch -- Blue States
12.Solar -- Thunderball
13.A Guide For I & I -- Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation - PERFECT REMIXES Vol4

1. Ustad Sultan Khan Tarana
2.Tapis Rouge Le Reveur
3.The Januaries The Girls Insane
4.Luscious Jackson Nervous Breakthrough
5.Nicola Conte Bossa Per Due
6.Dj Cam Success
7.80 Miles Beach There Are No Right Angles Found In Nature
8.Slive Five KC Doppler
9.Pizzicato Five Porno 3003
10.Better Daze Heavenly Sweetness

Thievery Corporation - Shadows Of Ourselves

1.Shadows Of Ourselves
2.DC 3000
3.Barrio Alto
4.A Guide For I & I

Thievery Corporation - Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi (1997)

1.A Warning (Dub)
2.2001 Spliff Odissey
3.Shaolin Satellite
5.Universal Highness
6.Incident At Gate 7
7.Scene At The Open Air Market
8.The Glass Bead Game
9.The Foundation
11.The Oscillator
12.So Vast As The Sky
13.-38-45-(A Thievery Number)
14.Walking Through Babylon

Thievery Corporation - Sounds From The Verve Hi-Fi

1.Menina Flor
2.Chove Chuva
3.OGD (Road Song)
4.Hard Latin
5.The Fakir
6.Something Else Again
7.Light My Fire
8.Bala Com Bala
10.Samba Triste
11.Cuchy Frito Man
13.For Mods Only
15.Do It The Hard Way

Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Game

1.Marching The Hate Machines Into The Sun
2.Warning Shots
3.Revolution Solution
4.The Cosmic Game
5.Satyam Shivam Sundaram
7.Ambicion Eterna
8.Pela Janela
9.Sol Tapada
10.The Heart's A Lonely Hunter
11.Holographic Universe
12.Doors Of Perception
13.Wires And Watchtowers
14.The Supreme Illusion
15.The Time We Lost Our Way
16.A Gentle Dissolve

Thievery Corporation - The Hearts A Lonely Hunter

1.The Hearts A Lonely Hunter - Louie Vega remix radio edit
2.The Hearts A Lonely Hunter - Louie Vega remix
3.The Hearts A Lonely Hunter - Thievery Corporation remix
4.The Hearts A Lonely Hunter - Album Version

Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy

2.Le Monde
4.Lebanese Blonde
5.Focus on Sight
6.Air Batucada
7.So Com Voce
8.Samba Tranquille
9.Shadows of Ourselves
10.Hong Kong Triad
12.The Mirror Conspiracy

Thievery Corporation - The Outernational Sound

1.International Flight
2.Ya Ma Le
3.Vai Vai
4.Chez Roger Boite Funk
5.3 Play It Cool
6.Slow Hot Wind
7.Under My Sensi (Thievery Corp. Remix)
8.Lagos Communique
9.Sea Groove
10.Cookin' (Version)
11.Cramp Your Style
13.Re-Return Of The Original Artform
14.Shall We Dance
15.Within You Without You
16.Mathar (Discovery Of India Mix)
17.Expo In Tokyo
18.My French Brother
19.Richest Man In Babylon (G-Corp. Remix)
20.Better Must Come

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man In Babylon

1.Heavens Gonna Burn Your Eyes
2.Facing east
3.The Outernationalist
6.All That We Perceive
7.Un Simple Historie
8.Meu Destino
10.From Creation
11.The Richest Man In Babylon
12.Liberation Front
13.The State Of The Union
14.Until The Morning

Kod: Corporation - Discography (19 CD)
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