(TWISTA001-A) Mix Factory - Take Me Away (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA001-B) Re-Con - God's Child
(TWISTA001-C) Re-Con - Bam Uch
(TWISTA002-A) Discotronic - Tricky Disco (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA002-B) Hypasonic - Get A Way (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA003-A) Bass Bumpers - Music's Got Me (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA003-B) Re-Con - The Power
(TWISTA003-C) L&S - Get Laid (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA004-A) Cascada - What Do You Want From Me (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA004-B) Rezonance Q - Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA004-C) Squad-E & MC Storm - Operator
(TWISTA005-A) Beatplayers feat Lara McAllen - Piece Of Heaven (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA005-B) Manian - Hold Me Tonight (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA006-A) Squad-E - Lost Without You
(TWISTA006-B) Squad-E - Turn It Up
(TWISTA007-A) Ultrabeat vs Hypasonic - You Will See (Re-Con & Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA007-B) Re-Con - Save The Rave
(TWISTA008-A) Ultrabeat - I Wanna Touch You (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA008-B) Ultrabeat - Never Ever (Unknown Remix)
(TWISTA008-C) Ultrabeat - The Stalker (Unknown Remix)
(TWISTA009-A) Dave McCullen - Rave Heaven (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA009-B) Hypasonic feat. Davey B - Show Me The Way (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA010-A) Hypasonic vs Jorg Schmid - Doesn't Matter (Squad-E vs Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA010-B) Hypasonic vs Jorg Schmid - Doesn't Matter (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
(TWISTA011-A) Re-Con & Squad-E - Can't Buy My Love
(TWISTA011-B) Re-Con & Squad-E - Claim 2 Recycle
(TWISTA012-A) Kelly Llorenna - Dress You Up (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA012-B) Squad-E & MC Enemy - Twista Anthem
(TWISTA013-A) Re-Con & Unknown - The Grudge
(TWISTA013-B) Re-Con & Unknown - Please Tell Me
(TWISTA014-A) Warp Brothers vs Aquagen - Phatt Bass (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA014-B) Starman - Do It Over (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA015-A) Velvet - Fix Me (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA015-B) FrankMusik - Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame) (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA016-A) Lucid - I Can't Help Myself (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA016-B) Gigi D' Agostino - I'll Fly With You (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA017-A) Agnes - Release Me (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA017-B) Breeze & Squad-E feat. Justine - Another Smile
(TWISTA018-A) Forza - On The Move (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA018-B) Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA019-A) Tinchy Stryder feat. Amelle Berrabah - Never Leave You (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA019-B) Master Blaster - Everywhere (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA020-A) Re-Con & Unknown - Welcome To The Trip
(TWISTA020-B) Re-Con - The Beating Of The Drum
(TWISTA020-C) Cisco Kid - Pizza Man (Re-Con Remix)
(TWISTA021-A) Hypasonic - Your Love (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA021-B) Squad-E - Blue
(TWISTA021-C) Squad-E, Dougal & Gammer - Be Quiet
(TWISTA022-A) System F - Cry (Re-Con's HTID2 Remix)
(TWISTA022-B) System F - Cry (Re-Con & Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA023-A) Squad-E & MC Static - Still Healing
(TWISTA023-B) Wave - Magic Carpet Ride (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA024-A) Re-Con & Demand - Like A Rainbow
(TWISTA024-B) Re-Con & Demand - Like A Rainbow (Sy & Unknown Remix)
(TWISTA025-A) Hypasonic - Go (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA025-B) Klubfiller & Viration - Rock This Party (Gammer Remix)
(TWISTA026-A) Re-Con - Torn Apart
(TWISTA026-B) Re-Con - Without Doubt
(TWISTA027-A) Squad-E & MC Whizzkid - Bring It On
(TWISTA027-B) Stunt - I'll Be There (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA027-C) D-Code - Who Are You (Squad-E Remix) (Master)
(TWISTA028-A) Re-Con - Fuel To Fire
(TWISTA028-B) Re-Con - Walking Timebomb
(TWISTA029-A) Cascada - Can't Get Enough (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA029-B) Dan Winter - Don't Stop Push It Now (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA030-A) Squad-E & The Doctor - Holdin' On Right Now
(TWISTA030-B) D-Code - Make You Love Me (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA030-C) Breeze & Re-Con - Twist
(TWISTA031-A) Re-Con & Klubfiller - Raggamuffin
(TWISTA031-B) Re-Con & Klubfiller - Phantom 7
(TWISTA033-A) Re-Con & Squad-E - Numero Uno
(TWISTA033-B) Re-Con, Squad-E & Technikore - Ghettoblaster
(TWISTA034-A) Squad-E - Stay
(TWISTA034-B) Jason Born - Nothing On You (Klubfiller Remix)
(TWISTA034-C) Twista & RSR - Transmission
(TWISTA035-A) Clear Vu - I Adore (Gammer Remix)
(TWISTA035-B) Ultrabeat - Bring It Back (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
(TWISTA036-A) Daruso - Since You Been Gone (Klubfiller Remix)
(TWISTA036-B) Squad-E & Whizzkid - Don't Look Down
(TWISTA036-C) Squad-E & Static - Night Fever
(TWISTA037-A) Re-Con - The Wheezles
(TWISTA037-B) Re-Con - The New Style
(TWISTA037-C) Skepta - Rescue Me (Sigma Remix)
(TWISTA038-A) Darren Hotchkiss - Last Goodbye (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA038-B) Henry Blank - Good Times (Squad-E & Klubfiller Remix)
(TWISTA038-C) Italobrothers - Love Is On Fire (Squad-E Remix)
(TWISTA039-A) Re-Con - Right Here Right Now
(TWISTA039-B) Re-Con - Right Here Right Now (Technikore Remix)
(TWISTA040-A) Squad-E - Tru-E
(TWISTA040-B) Scooter - Stuck On You (Klubfiller Remix)
(TWISTA040-C) Squad-E & MC Storm - Hardcore Syco
(TWISTA040-D) Squad-E & MC Storm - Move It
(TWISTA041-A) Re-Con & Demand - Reasons
(TWISTA041-B) Re-Con & Demand Ft. Mandy Edge - Powerless
(TWISTA042-A) Squad-E & Chris Unknown - Hardcore Mother ******
(TWISTA042-B) Squad-E & DJ Seduction - 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
(TWISTA042-C) Squad-E & MOB - Better Days
(TWISTA043-A) Hixxy & Re-Con - Resensitize
(TWISTA043-B) Manian & Aila - Loco (Technikore Remix)
(TWISTA043-C) Re-Con & MC Storm - Music
(TWISTA044-A) Benni Benassi - Spaceship (Re-Con & Chris Unknown Remix)
(TWISTA044-B) Jason Born - Fireflies (Technikore Remix)
(TWISTA044-C) Squad-E & Cyanide - Do You Love Your Hardcore
(TWISTA044-D) Squad-E - Crazy Ft. Enemy