Based on the hit game from EA. The film centers on the Aegis VII disaster and explores how the Government sends an unwitting crew of people to get exposed to Marker shards. The Government is secretly trying to produce a viable Marker blueprint carrier, no matter the costs.

The story of Aftermath follows the previously established story of Dead Space, which involves zombie monsters, a cult of religious zealots and the people caught in between. In this film, we watch as the people caught up in the mess are interrogated about their experiences. The plot thickens as survivors start having hallucinations and getting killed. What is behind the hallucinations? Why are they being interrogated? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie and immerse yourself in the over all experience of Dead Space to really understand, but even then there are some questions which remain appropriately unanswered as of yet. If you are only interested in the films, my suggestion is to at least check out the first film before you give this one a shot. Truth be told, Downfall is much more entertaining than Aftermath and you will get a lot more out of this movie if you start with the first one. However, if you are absolutely sure that you don’t want to play the game, you might consider at least reading some of the graphic novels to get a better sense of the universe.

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