Clicksound - Orana Symphonic MIDI Elements Vol.2

Tech Specs & Info:

 Full Logic Pro MIDI construction template.
 Standard MIDI File - If you do not have Logic Pro you can load the Standard MIDI File of this template in to any DAW such as Cubase or Pro Tools.

This template requires Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO4) to be installed on your computer. If you do not have GPO4 installed please visit Time + Space to purchase either the download or DVD boxed version of GPO4.

 80 BPM
 Required DAW: Logic Pro 9+
 Operating System: OSX 10.5+

PLEASE NOTE: This product requires Logic Pro 9+ and Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 (GPO4).

Clicksound proudly presents Orana's intensely emotional Symphonic MIDI Elements Vol.2 for Logic Pro using Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 (GPO4).

Yet again, Orana has brought the full potential and might of a romantic symphony orchestra to our fingertips. In just under 3-minutes, Symphonic MIDI Elements Vol.2 doffs its hat to the unmistakable style of the incredible Hans Zimmer, giving you unrestricted access to a wildly epic, rousing, expansive and encompassing original orchestral piece.

With beautifully escalating and soaring string and brass motifs, string textures that provide momentum and fluidity and plenty of impact and colour from orchestral percussion, this template takes you through a powerful symphonic journey and gradually crescendos to a full and mighty orchestral piece, really testing the strength of Garritan's amazing virtual instrument GPO4.

Being in MIDI, everything like speed, pitch, rhythm, quantisation, instrumentation, effects etc. in this construction template can be manipulated, changed, added to, edited etc. as much as you want and forms a great basis for you to build your own unique song and launch off into any musical direction.

The template gives you the essential elements and structure of a symphonic piece of orchestral music, but retains and develops a modern 21st-century character all encased in a strong, moving performance from beginning to end.

It also has a pre-configured mastering channel using the powerful mastering plug-ins within Logic Pro that is set up to give you an industry standard, crisp, clean sound.

Clicksound Verdict: We feel empowered by this, nothing can stop us now...!

13 MB

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