Sounds To Sample Progressive Electro Essentials

Ready for peak hour on the main stage, Progressive Electro Essentials One from Sounds To Sample is sure to fill each and every anthem effort this summer from the worlds leading producers.

Brimming with euphoric leads, crunchy electro low end, and hallucinogenic FX, Progressive Electro Essentials One is the ideal song kit to help you build the foundation to your next main room monster.

What's in the collection?

Drum loops: 4 variations each (Kick, No Kick, Tops , No Tops) - Total of 120 drum loops @ 128 BPM

Synth Bass Loops: 30 loops @ 128 BPM (with Key info)

Synth Melodies & Leads: 30 Loops @ 128 BPM (with Key info)

FX Loops: 30 Loops @ 128 BPM

Bonus Synth Loop Kits: 10 kits total (synth chord progressions and melodies with variations & key info) 125 & 130 BPM's

383 MB

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