Steven L Exclusive- RnB Ultra Star Hitz

- Format WAV MIDI
- 44,1 kHz, 24-bit, Stereo
- Rozmiar: 180 MB

RnB Ultra Star Hitz' brings you 5 of the highest quality Construction Kits for the ideal RnB Radio Joint, inspired by top artists, such as Omarion, Day 26, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and more. These are equipped with organised melodic and harmonic loops that are suited for Radio Type RnB.

All content provides more than enough material to arrange, edit, slice, chop and cover all sounds needed to make your next RnB hit.

'RnB Ultra Star Hitz' provides you with radio-ready melodies and harmonies, with its multiple, Hi-definition audio loops. These stunning elements can be combined and rearranged in any number of ways and are essential for serious artists seeking the highest quality productions.

Product Contents:

 5 Construction Kits
 Over 500 MB of multi-format material
 All parts individually exported
 Over 80 melodic loops


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