Crafts another must have fx pack delivering essential downlifters, uplifters, sweeps, misc fx, loops and hats, all made from basic samples of white noise and effects .

Packing 240+MB of pure white noise content, the pack offers 50 downlifters, 50 uplifters, 50 hats and 25 misc fx, tempo labeled at 128 BPM where applicable.

Ranging from 1 - 16 bars, the pack offers effects perfect for genres like tech house, electro, progressive, minimal.

All the sounds are offered as 24bit WAV files and are programmed to be ready for instant drag & drops.


50 downlifters
50 uplifters
50 hats
25 misc fx

* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

Electro House
Progressive House
Tech House

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