Devine Machine Krishna Synth Factory Movies

From greasy, grainy textures to ice cold atmospheric pads, Krishna Synth is

a next generation synthesizer of the highest quality that will satisfy your

every need.

Its innovative frame oscillator will deliver those ultra-fat soundstorms

you have always been looking for.

Krishna Synth features 1024 ready to use classified presets.

Feature List :

* New Frame Synthesis System with Sound/Speech/Waveform import with
Frame Analysis Technology (F.A.T.). and technology specific effects

* 2 Analog Model oscillators with 5 Oscillator shapes on both Analog
Oscillators: Saw, Sine, Square, Triangle and Noise

* 3 Fat Analog Model Filters (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass).

* FM Synthesis, RM Synthesis and AM Synthesis

* 5 LFOs, each with 3 bipolar sends quickly assignable through user a
friendly drag and drop process

* 3 Envelopes (with Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) assignable
through user a firendly drag and drop process

* 16 Steps Sequencer

* Hight quality post-effects : Tube Emulation, Reverb, syncable Delay,
Phasers, Flangers, Chorus and Delays

* Effect chain Preset Manager

* Various play Modes (Legato, Mono, Unison, 16 voice polyphony)

* MIDI Features (visual MIDI Learn Mode with invertable min and max Edit,
Intelligent Random Mutate...)

* Preset Manager

1.Install our Krishna Synth Standalone at first!

2.Unrar and install this.


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