Sonic at Work Accentus VSTi v1.0

The Accentus is a virtual analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators and
a suboszillator. Its interesting waveforms and its flexible filter
section, is getting a lot of punch and assertive sounds. The operation
the synth is playful slightly by its clearly structured user
interface. All major synthesizer parameters are located on the first
Edit Page. Of course, effects may not be missing, the ACCENTUS has
four of them on board. Even a powerful arpeggiator and a gater are
built in. All after all an incredibly powerful and flexible

+ 2 mainoscillators with 11 waveforms each:
Sine, Saw, Ramp, SoftRamp, PeakRamp, Square, Triangle, Peak, Octava,
Cluster1, Cluster2
+ oscillator 2 can be synced to oscillator 1
+ Unison for both mainoscillators separatly (up to 7 voices) incl.
unison detune and detune stretch
+ suboscillator with pulse und saw wafeforms
+ noise generator with white noise and pink noise
+ Amp ADSR envelope
+ 2 multimodefilters
+ 2 filter envelopes with positiv and negativ charakteristic
+ glide (portamento)
+ monomode
+ velocity
+ arpeggiator
+ audio gater
+ 2 MIDI syncable LFOs
+ 2 modulations
+ chorus FX
+ reverb FX
+ MIDI syncable delay FX
+ overdrive FX
+ more than 300 presets.

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