MusicLab RealGuitar ToolBox Standalone VSTi 1.1

RealGuitar ToolBox is an "add-on" product for RealGuitar 2 letting you use RealGuitar unique features in a whole new and creative way in live performance. * Play solo and accompaniment guitar parts simultaneously with two individual RealGuitars from a single keyboard using the advanced key split MIDI Input; * Perform accompaniment guitar part with RealGuitar and solo part with any third party synth loaded directly to RealGuitar ToolBox; * Switch on the fly between up to 12 RealGuitars having fully individual settings, including guitar patch, performance mode, any parameter values, panning, etc; * Add audio effects installed on your system to RealGuitar ToolBox output; * Save all configurations as RG ToolBox presets for future use.

RealGuitar ToolBox features:

* RG Accompanist - splitted MIDI input with left key range pre-defined for RealGuitar2, and right key range for playing solo part with any third party VSTi/DXi/Dls/Au instrument loaded directly to RG ToolBox;
* RG Dozen - automatically loads 12 default RealGuitars to 12 Pads that you can remotely select by MIDI note or by Program Change command;
* RG Duet - splitted MIDI input with two RealGuitars pre-loaded: RealGuitar A (right key range for solo part) and RealGuitar B (left key range for accompaniment part).


* Operates as a virtual instrument software plug-in in all major hosts like Logic, Cubase SX, Digital Performer, Sonar (4.0.3 or later);
* Works as a Standalone module.

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